Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ogunquit Pt. 3, The Beach & The Lobster Pound

A quick note:

To my fellow bloggers,

I just wanted to thank everyone again for being so patient with my absence these past few weeks. As you can imagine, when you only get to spend time with your husband once a year, you cherish, savor, immerse yourself in every second of it. In a far too short 10 days from now Daph returns to France and life will return to my usual slower pace. Aside from the broken heart I'm sure to have, I look forward to catching up with you and your blogs. I hope everyone has been enjoying themselves. Doing new things. Making delicious food. And staying inspired.

'til soon,


Ogunquit Pt. 1

Ogunquit Pt. 2

Ogunquit Pt. 4

Ogunquit Continued, Part 3:

The Lobster Point Lighthouse marks the end of Marginal Way. It was good to see the old girl again.

From there we headed towards Ogunquit Beach. You have to navigate your way through some side streets and houses to get there...

But it's totally worth it. The weather turned windy and cool once we made our way out onto the beach, Daph and I found it exhilarating. It was gorgeous! Getting so close to this seagull was super cool, too.

Later that night my Uncle John and his friend Randy treated us to dinner at The Lobster Pound.
That's where I tried Manhattan's, two of them...for the first and last time.

While we were waiting for our table at the bar, we went outside to the tank to pick out our lobsters. Males, never over 2 & 1/2 lbs. are the sweetest and most tender, I learned.

While we were seated, Randy stepped out for a moment. When she returned she announced, "Hey Daphny, I found a French guy for you." "From Quebec." The man, we've since named 'Perry', greeted Daph like they were old friends. After several Manhattan's and vodka tonics, we laughed hysterically as they shared impassioned discourse and hugs for twenty minutes. Nice to meet you "Perry"!

Steamer clams.

Daph and I tried fried oysters for the first time. They were absolutely delicious!

Daph tried onion rings or, 'those round things' as he would say, for the first time and couldn't get enough of them.

I will not lie to you. Almost any place you go to eat in Ogunquit will be pricey. Ogunquit is an expensive town. We absolutely LOVED our dinner, but be prepared to spend.

The next day we all pitched in to help my Uncle John make a seafood chowder with the leftover lobster from the night before. He says his secret is the clam juice. Lunch on the screened in deck, listening to Sinatra with a cold glass of Bailey's was divine. And so was our time there.


  1. It looks like you had such a relaxing (and wonderfully food-filled) time in Ogunquit!

  2. What lovely ´pictures Ree!! I love all and the food! awesome! Dear dont worry you have to own life, your rithm, I dont have idea your husband is in France, I understand you really, hope you are OK, send you xxxx gloria

    PD I love the lighthouse!! gloria

  3. Amazing photos and oh that food makes me sooooo hungry. I love sea food.

    I well know the feeling of being apart, but I think it is even longer for you. I have 7 months on my own in France and 5 months together in the UK. Diane

  4. You spend every minute you can with your honey, girl- we're not going anywhere! Savor those precious moments. :) Love the seafood in Maine!

  5. you pictures are gorgeous. Your feast looks incredible. why did I think you and daph were only engaged? anyways, you two look so happy. no worries about the absence, we understand!

  6. The pain inside your heart, it's tearing you apart.
    Wishing you both all the best ♥

  7. That looks and sounds like an absolutely divine experience, Ree!! All of the seafood is amazing! Enjoy your last couple of days...bit hugs :) hello to your Daph, as well....

  8. Everything looks absolutely delicious! Enjoy every minute of your time with him! We'll all be here!

  9. Ree, do enjoy your time with your dear Daph! The pictures look really cool...esp. the one you two have hand prints onto the sand. Beautiful!

  10. The onion rings look so delicious! :O If only I ate seafood. lol.

    What a trip! :)

  11. Oh- you sound so in love! Love the photos! Now about the lobster, where is the coleslaw LOL Gosh I am so hungry looking at all this stuff!


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