Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Without a Hitch & Ogunquit, Pt. 1

Ogunquit Pt. 2

Ogunquit Pt. 3

Ogunquit Pt. 4

On Thursday Daph and I headed to Hertz to pick up our rental car. From the onset, it was clear we were in for some trouble. Daph never having driven outside of Europe and me with no license, we admitted defeat after a few hard stalls around the Hertz parking lot, unloaded our luggage and returned to the office, a little embarrassed, to return the car.
We finally decided to take the train to Wells, Maine which isn't far from Ogunquit, only to discover we went to the wrong station. After lugging our bags all around the city of Boston, by T (Massachusetts Transit system) all day long, we were exhausted...and hungry. I called my Uncle to let him know we wouldn't be coming, but having already heard of our troubles he was planning to drive to Boston the following day so he could bring us up there himself. As he was already delaying his return to his husband, My Uncle Pat in Florida, by four days to host us at their home in Maine, we were so grateful he did all this for us.

Our first day in Maine was low key and welcomed relief from the hours spent traveling the prior two days. We went to Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus, Mass. where I ordered my favorite drink, the headhunter (or coconut mist), A mixture of coconut milk and rum. Well, two of them, and a Mai Tai. The food was delicious also, but after two and a half drinks on an empty stomach, I don't trust my assessment as being wholly unaltered.
Later My Uncle John, Myself and Daph tagged along with my Uncle's friend, Randy, to see her son, Michael play in a football game where the Wells Warrior's took on and defeated Cape Elizabeth.

Go Warriors!

We spent a fantastic four days in Maine. My Uncle was incredibly kind and worked so hard to make sure we felt at home. We did! And we'll never forget.

My Uncle John and Daph.

I'll be posting the gorgeous pictures of Ogunquit and our trip one post (for each day) at a time to keep from overwhelming you. I look forward to sharing with everyone!


  1. I'm sorry your trip got off to a rough start but I hope the rest of the trip went smoothly! I had such a wonderful time when I was on Ogunquit that I can't wait to re-live it through your posts!

  2. The downeaster is an amazing train ride! Did you go to back bay or south station instead of North? Oh nooo. I am so glad all was well in the end. I love Kowloon and their fun drinks!!

  3. Ree, it sounds like it ended up being a perfect trip! I'm sure you're on top of the world now; very happy being with Daph! Sounds like it's beautiful in Ogunquit and you have a great uncle. The furnishings are so pretty in the house also, love those chairs! Just wish I had a headhunter now! I'm looking forward to more!

  4. Love, love, love Maine! Sounds like you had a lovely trip despite the car issues. Great photos too.

  5. So glad you had a great time, despite your initial troubles. I've been to Ogunquit only one time, but it was at this time of year and it was beautiful. I'm looking forward to pics!

  6. The trip looks like one which starts bad..only to get better!! I love the images. Ree am I glad you went for one :)

  7. I know you will end up having an amazing time no matter what trials stand in your way. Sounds and looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!


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